Who We Are

Providing charity service since 2018

We are a grass roots organization attempting to eradicate hunger and redistribute food in the Greater Toronto Area. Currently $31 Billion worth of food is wasted in Canada every year. 10% of food waste happens on a farm before even entering the marketplace.
Reasons for food wasted:

* Food Cosmetically unfit for market standard is thrown away before hitting the shelves
* Companies need to replenish inventory to generate revenue
* It is costly for big companies to donate or redistribute food
* Households spend nearly $2000 annually on wasted food
Our team of volunteers are dedicated to take action to eliminate food waste and environmental pollution. We will take smarter steps to resource food towards people in need.

How can we help?


Educating the community on efficient ways to reduce food waste & environmental pollution.


Redistributing leftover food via our community fridge model


Investing back in the community and spearheading other causes like clothes donation drives etc.

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