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Our initiative was spear-headed by a wife and husband who felt the enormous need of changing the way we look at food consumption and waste. $31 Billion worth of food ends up in Canadian landfills per year, all while 1 in 8 families have inadequate access to regular, healthy meals.

We are a grass roots organization attempting to eradicate hunger and redistribute food in the Greater Toronto Area. Currently $31 Billion worth of food is wasted in Canada every year. 10% of food waste happens on a farm before even entering the marketplace.

Reasons for food wasted:

  • Food cosmetically unfit for market standard is thrown away before hitting the shelves
  • Companies need to replenish inventory to generate revenue
  • It is costly for big companies to donate or redistribute food
  • Households spend nearly $2000 annually on wasted food

Our team of volunteers are dedicated to take action to eliminate food waste and environmental pollution. We will take smarter steps to resource food towards people in need.

We are looking to change the way food waste is looked at in Canada, taking the following steps to curb food waste:

  1. We will be holding educational seminars in the upcoming weeks and reaching out to communities to inform them of the developments in our nation
  2. We are planning on launching community fridges first around the GTA then across Canada. This is will be the first community fridge setup in Toronto. We are proud of what food banks have been able to accomplish but many perishable food items that can still be used will be thrown out.
  3. We will create relationships with restaurants, department stores, hospitals, airlines and other large corporations to address food waste issues.


Our ultimate goal is to make changes to legislation that will empower our country to be a leading example of food waste reduction. Already France has banned food waste, forcing supermarkets to sign agreements with charities so no edible food ends up in the trash. Italy’s Senate has passed a law that makes donating food easier for businesses and offers tax credits to supermarkets and farmers who donate.



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